IC Prayer Gathering

Thank you all for your love and care for GA and its people. Following is the transcript (as best as we have captured) our meeting from September 28th. Please let us know if there are any corrections.

Blessings, John and Lisa

Jonathan welcomed us all with grateful thanks for our role as faithful intercessors. For our care and love for Global Advance, the Team, Events, and Participants in Events.

Shared the prophetic word spoken to him regarding a “season of rest”. There will be activity, not striving, but in the midst of activity there will be rest. He was very encouraged by these words. He encouraged us to approach the Throne of Grace and pray in agreement over these prophetic words.

He has been diligently moving on things, praying into things, gaining ground, but in some things not hearing a clear word from the Lord. We all have opportunities to be discouraged but he is simply choosing not to receive it! Global Advance is in a good place, going forward in a great fall season. 2017 is gearing up to be an amazing year. This year the team has covered a lot of ground. It has been a year of getting prepared to be propelled into the future. Global Advance responded after last year’s summit celebrating the 25 years of Global Advance. Global Advance has responded to almost all needs and requests that have come from people that attended the summit. Thanks and appreciation for the IC

He encouraged us to pray in alignment with what he believes are key areas:

Direction (hearing clearly from the Lord), Provision, Right people in the Organization.

Jonathan has rediscovered the topic of prayer this year, focusing on study and praying the Lord’s Prayer. Not praying it ritualistically, but from the heart. He feels confident after praying that he is praying in the right direction…..Jesus told us to pray that way.

He believes that change is continuing, however, we are coming out of a season of immense change.

Naomi talked about how she is handing over all her responsibilities and trying to download her institutional knowledge that is beyond “operations” to Shirley. Trying to help Shirley assimilate as she takes on a lot of responsibilities. Letting Shirley know how Naomi “would do something”.

She shared that Jonathan was going to share about the prophetic word of “bumper Crop”. She shared about the farmer who contributes proceeds from his corn/grain sales once a year. However today he called and said he had some soybeans that he was giving and she should call and get it sold. It was unexpected and is just another aspect of God providing the “bumper crop”.

Jonathan said during the Monday team prayer meeting he shared the quote: “where the finger of God points, He provides”…. To encourage the team. During that meeting he received 2 calls. One from Viet Nam, Global Advance has been supporting for 8 years, they want to provide a gift TO Global Advance. Then he got an email from a homebuilder that had made a commitment almost a year ago. JS hadn’t heard from him even after reaching out several times. The email said that the company had made an oversight and they would be sending Global Advance 3 checks that almost make up the total amount.

Jonathan reminded us that its not all about money….it (bumper crop) can apply to a lot of things. He just wants to encourage us (IC).

David shared that Jonathan has always been a champion of tools and resources. This has been an exceptional season of production of resources.

IC has prayed for many years over the LifeBook project. The meeting with the potential publisher went well yesterday. Pray that David will do all he is supposed to do with regards to the publishing. He believes it’s the first or second best written book…. Pray that the ego “stuff” will get out of the way of the process and the Lord to use it as He wants.

This is the 3 volume LifeBook series, 52 lessons. Multi-year…acutally almost a multi-decade project.

Jonathan let us know that the update of the 2Tim2 website is almost completed. It is clean, beautiful and a great tool to help pastors globally. Church plant manual has been updated as well as the “Raising up Modern Day Esther”

The word a few years ago was “tools.”

Jonathan shared a quote: “Sometimes we overestimate what we can get done in one year, but underestimate what you can get done in 3 years.”

David discussed the overview of the NextGen survey and how the results will not only help Global Advance drive effective programs, but also will be a resource for churches around the world.

Naomi mentioned that the results from the NextGen survey noted the top 2 desires from the NextGen participants were: 1. help Family and 2. how to communicate the Gospel.

David shared that the new edition of Entrusted will have a Scripture index of 416 referenced Scriptures!

John covered the GA Global Prayer Force Document and the upcoming Ambassadors’ Training Day and Global Evening of Prayer (both are detailed in the handouts you were emailed)

Prayer Time

Naomi Lord You are the Sustainer of our own personal live, our salvation, homes, ministry, lives, our work….You enable us! The portion of blessings given to us is amazing. We believe with Jonathan for direction for him, the Holy Spirit is working in him and praying he is open and sensitive to hear. Increase the anointing and release the power of the Holy Spirit to hear and obey. We know that the provisions You have done for this ministry could not be held in any book! All the changes in the ministry are ways that God is bringing the right people to GA. We would lay aside stress that plugs up our ears to heart from You. We speak these words of laying aside over Jonathan, he is asking and receiving . There is a shield around him from money issues, people problems, believing hat the Lord will walk with him, with his ears and heart attuned to the Holy Spirit.

Ps 55:22 Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.

Thank You Father for all the conferences, men and women. Thank You for sustaining them. They are excited for learning better to share the Gospel. Thank You for the prayers that have been answered and the Ambassadors that have stepped up.

Lisa keeps hearing that pastors voice and she prayed specific prayer over him.

Roger Thank you Father for all of the vision You are giving to the leadership. Thank you for the prophetic word spoken related to bumper crop, then the way You allowed man to demonstrate the affirmation of the Word in the selling of the soybeans. That we would see the actions that You’re taking and the work You’re releasing into GA. Thanks for the leadership of those at GA. Thank You for speaking to Jonathan’s heart and that his greatest desire is to hear from Your heart. Ask that those that You are bringing to GA will have the ears to hear. That these people would come alongside GA with their gifts and combine with the current teams gifts. As ambassadors are preparing for this meeting that You are manifesting in their presence . The price that the ambassadors are paying, participating in the vision the Lord is speaking over the earth, it is well worth it.

Roger declared over GA that there will be a releasing of vision in the nations even with men who are in leadership in places that haven’t seen the vision. There would be a vision from GA that would cause their hearts to be stirred to move towards what God wants them to do in the movement of His Kingdom.

Earl Thinking about the schedule, that this is not Your schedule, this is mans schedule. But that they will work in and amongst Your divine schedule. There will be divine appointments and meetings that You will schedule that aren’t seen on this schedule. Pray for Jonthan and the teams and planners that they always remain attentive to hear Your voice when they are setting up schedules and plans. Always asking Lord, is this correct and what we’re supposed to do. If there comes a conflict in 2 schedules You would intervene and direct so that the right decision is made to make the most impact for Your Kingdom. So that no one is left out from hearing the encouraging words these teams can bring. The right schedule already exists in Your will and become manifest in this next year.

Charlotte Shared this in light of what Earl prayed, and also Naomi and John. I keep having this come up. From a dream a week ago…. She heard 2 words “Vantage Point”, a place or position of viewing something, you have an advantage because you can see things you wouldn’t normally be able to see.

Speak over Jonathan and all schedule planners and activity that GA is engaged with. Vantage Point, we speak this over GA tonight, thank You for them being able to come to a higher place, to a place that as believers we are seated with Christ in Heavenly places. Thank You for the Vantage Point so that Jonathan and others will be able to see exactly what’s going on to assess things not by the mind, but engage with the mind of Christ and see how things need to be handled, be scheduled, what needs to be given attention, how something might be done differently. Thank You that You would grace them with this Vantage Point, to see beyond what they have seen before. Declare that GA will operate from that place, that Vantage Point.

Larry Thank you that we are reaching new people in new ways. Lord give us the tools and technology to reach this next generation. Provide the means to reach this next generation in ways we’ve never done before

Earl Agree with Larry about reaching the NextGen with the information they need. For Jonathan and the other men…… they will have an explosion of opportunities to reach NextGen.

Kathy Fields are ripe for harvest, that there is a fire to burn in hearts to bring people to Christ. Thank You for the resources to reach. (Sorry Kathy, we couldn’t hear all you prayed on the recording.)

John Look at the schedule and see that there are fewer NextGen events, but yet there is a great fire. Seeing thousands of faces reaching out to their generation and those reaching out to their generation and those reaching other generations.

These NextGens may be called “the generation”. There is passion in this generation. This is a generation that can leave a legacy, let us be the ones to help them leave the right legacy.

Naomi To sow the seed of legacy of leadership of GA beyond Jonathan. Praying for the one that will be leading GA after Jonathan. That person is one of these NextGen leaders. We believe and speak Your Hand for guidance, training, preparation for that person.

John Join together and pray for the one that will follow JS in GA leadership, for their protection, equipping, their future spouse,

David Speaks blessing over that young man, preserve him for Your purpose, and no design of the enemy will prosper or come to pass.

Remaining conferences of this year, 9 training events. Praying for abundant supply for each of them.

For the matching challenge would be in the amount the Father desires and that there will be an immediate desire in people’s hearts to contribute to surpass the match. Believing for a large influx of provision.

Winds of change occurring in our nation, give us sensitivity to adapt as we need to without ever compromising Your Word of calling upon us. Give us winsomeness and wisdom. Praying for the Father’s will to be done in the elections. That which is most conducive for the advance of the Gospel would come to pass. Have mercy on our nation.

Father You turn us and we will turn, heal us and we will be healed. We petition You for that tonight. And that we walk in the spirit of 2 Chron 7:14, walking in a sprit of humility before you. Not looking to any political savior, but to the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. We believe You to open wonderful, anointing doors. We commit our way to you. We believe You for good things. We pray for those among us who are challenged physically. Prayed for Earl’s healing and long life. Make him to be vigorous and strong all the days of his life.

For Keith, asking for healing and wholeness and touch upon him, raising him up in strength. Believing You will make him a sign and wonder in this earth. Thanks to him and Jeanna for their hearts and prayers.

Over our GA Team, for a spirit of unity and grace. Blessings over those who have departed and Halley as she transitions. Go before her with favor and we bless her! We ask that she would feel the love and care of this family toward her. That every desire of her heart that comes from you would come to pass.

As a new team member comes, and others, we ask for a complete gelling in the spirit that the team would work together as a well oiled unit. We trust that the Oil of His Spirit to be poured into and over any cogs that might need it.

Praying for the ambassador day and dinner…. Lord let your presence permeate these events and Your grace overflow. That everyone in attendance be strengthened and their vision focused on the fields white to harvest. In them and around them, in their churches, and neighborhoods and to the ends of the earth.

We pray that You will bring everyone that You desire to be there, and we declare they will be there. And the same for the dinner! We ask for a great outpouring of generosity and love, a oneness of heart and sprit. Lift the heart of Your people at those events. Let us be an encouragement. We pray against the enemy that has intentions against these event we command him to stop NOW in the name of Jesus Christ, that there is no point of entry, that he can’t even harass us. That You go before us with strength and grace and glory… Father we thank you and commit our way to you. As Jonthan said, where Your finger points, Your hand provides…. And we have seen it even this week.

Phyllis After hearing all of these prayer requests….. the upcoming year…… You have been leading to cover all of this with a circle of fire from heaven above that will enclose all that is being done and planned. That the anointing of the Holy Spirit will be so powerful on all this that it will be like the Hand of the Lord is underneath every activity. Opening doors that weren’t expected to open, a crowd of people that show up that were not expected because their hungry for the Gospel.

The simplicity of the Gospel, that Jesus preached, preached by anyone in the field that will draw many. It will be so simple that even a child will understand. Father we claim more souls for the kingdom of Heaven during this next year for GA, more than even more than the entire past 20 years. A magnitude of the Holy Spirit unrestricted, full of freedom, glory, light, power…. And the light will shine in the most dark places and the people will come out and be saved. It will be glorious harvest of souls saved through GA, by Dave, Jonathan, Naomi…. That they will look back this time next year and say wow!

People will be so drawn to GA events, some don’t even know why they’re coming. Walking a great distance, 20 miles… but they are drawn by the Holy sprit, that the love of Christ. We thank You for the liberation of souls that You’re going to bring in this time of harvest.

Prayed for David and Naomi and Jonathan and families in health and for everyone that is part of GA to walk in prosperity and power.

Prayer Ended

Jonathan shared about the Market place team, a couple of ladies at the airport in Peru lead someone to the Lord. At the tri-nations event, pastor from Pakistan. He got his visa and is going to be able to come to dinner, first trip to America. He did devotion one morning at tri-nations. There was the tory of the bookstore owner who sells Bibles. A terrorist came in and told the owner that he was there to blow up the store and kill him because he sold Bibles. The bomber asked the owner if he had any last wish. The owner asked the bomber to look at a plaque on the wall (1 Cor 13). The guy read it, closed his jacket covering the bomb and left the store. In the mean time, the bomber had a visitation in a dream from Jesus. He came back a few days later to the bookstore and told the owner, “I want to know this Jesus”!!!

Jonathan said, Saul was terrorist of church, there are a lot of future Pauls out there!

David….. Biblical requirement of those days was to see the Lord. Today visions are being seen by jihadists.

Jonathan shared that the event in Nepal had 500 attendees. Pastors represented every district in Nepal. Committed to plant 250 churches this next year.

Phyllis Testimony about conference she was told to pray about Bataan and Nepal.

Earl Father you have entrusted us with the Gospel, David with this book, and now we entrust it to the publishers that You guide every move and step in the process and You bring it out on the other end ready to be used as a tool to spread the Gospel, especially to the NextGen.