Global Advance exists to empower frontline leaders to be catalysts for the fulfilling of the Great Commission.


What are frontline leaders?

In every nation, God has positioned influential people to advance His Kingdom. The front line of the gospel is where the Church is taking root in new areas and people groups. Persecution of Christians in these areas is common.

Why frontline leaders?

Cultural influence and knowledge enables community leaders to introduce the transformative power of the gospel more effectively than outsiders. This also instills value and ownership in their communities. 

How can you empower frontline leaders to fulfill the Great Commission through Global Advance?

To be most effective, frontline leaders need resources, training and tools. Global Ambassadors go to the front line to train and mentor leaders. Advocates pray regularly for, and share with friends about, the needs of frontline leaders. Partners of Global Advance give financially to provide discipleship tools, Scripture, relief, and economic empowerment.



Exalt Jesus Christ by helping leaders view their calling through the lens of the Great Commission.


Equip and empower indigenous leaders to reach their potential and stimulate church planting, missionary sending, and marketplace ministry. 


Build partnerships in a way that leverages the strengths of multiple organizations to create optimum impact for God's glory.


Value relationships which honor Christ and promote His Kingdom through integrity, unity, and servant-leadership.


Make the most of every opportunity to steward relationships, opportunities, and resources. 


Trust the Holy Spirit to guide us in our efforts to do that which will produce much fruit.


In all things display a spirit of excellence which honors God and attracts others.


We believe in the full inerrancy of Scripture; in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; in the virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death, physical resurrection and visible, personal return of our Lord Jesus Christ; in salvation by grace through faith in the finished work of Christ; in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit expressed in His fruit, gifts and power; in New Testament evangelism, consecrated Christian living, the local church, the ministry of reconciliation and the urgency of fulfilling the Great Commission.


By God’s grace, Global Advance aims to be an excellent steward of resources. We view every donation as a sacred trust. That's why Global Advance has been a member in good standing with ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) since 1996 and voluntarily undergoes an annual independent audit.

We are not apologetic in fundraising but endeavor to stimulate biblical motivations for giving including love, vision, joy, compassion and stewardship. God is the source of all provision, but He chooses to use people as His instruments for the fulfilling of His purposes.


  • Global Advance pays all bills promptly and on time.

  • The annual budget is approved by our Board of Directors and reviewed by a Finance Committee.

  • Global Advance operates within its budget.

  • We consistently give to other ministries and Kingdom work beyond ourselves.

  • We protect the privacy of each donor and do not rent or sell our mailing list.

  • We promptly receipt each gift and provide a year-end total of donations.

  • We pray and work in faith, believing God for an abundant supply.


Global Advance was founded in 1990 by Dr. David Shibley. In the 1980s, God put a vision and burden in his heart to provide encouragement, resources, and training for frontline pastors in destitute nations of the world. Global Advance became a friend and advocate for indigenous pastors and church planters worldwide, challenging them to be catalysts for fulfilling the Great Commission.

Since 1990, Global Advance has provided indigenous training and ministry encouragement for more than 822,000 frontline leaders in 102 nations. Two training centers have been built and numerous strategic partnerships developed with hundreds of churches and ministries. 

In 2000, the Global Advance Ambassadors Network was formed, which now comprises numerous individuals, churches, ministries and businesses who work together to equip leaders globally.

In 2004, Global Advance launched Marketplace Missions with the goal to awaken kingdom vision and sharpen the skills of Christian entrepreneurs and professionals throughout the developing world. Hundreds of business leaders partner with Global Advance Marketplace Missions through training conferences, business networks, economic development, mentoring, and ministry.

In 2010, Global Advance launched The Esther Initiative to encourage and empower women in underserved nations to be difference-makers in their spheres of influence. From this initiative national prayer networks have been birthed and multitudes of women are being trained to impact their families and nations with the gospel.

In 2014, Global Advance acquired Alpha Relief to provide a channel of support, relief aid and development to Christians facing extreme persecution in many parts of the world.

In 2015, Global Advance prayerfully launched the NextGen Engagement initiative to engage young adults in the global church. The purpose of this ministry is to resource and encourage NextGen leaders as they realize their generational calling to advance the gospel and lead with excellence in all sectors of life.



Michael Wurster / (Chairman) Elements International

Jonathan Shibley / (President) Global Advance

Jon Tryggestad / (Secretary Treasurer), TVG Capital

Jim Blackburn / Blackburn Consulting Services, LLC

Chanda Fulgium / Wound Integrity

J. Troy Henry / The Henry Group

Sally Knox-Witt, M.D. / (Retired), Oncologist

Todd Lane / Gateway Church 

Dale O’Shields / Church of the Redeemer

David Shibley / (Founder) Global Advance

Naomi Shibley / (Co-Founder) Global Advance

Dwayne Stoltzfus / Zealot Ventures