Watch this video to see Pastor Chrisso share about his experience at the inaugural David Shibley Institute.

Please join Global Advance to celebrate the inaugural

dinner and commencement of the David Shibley Institute!


6:30 - 8:30 PM

Hear from several high-impact global missions leaders representing 11 nations.

Be inspired by their stories, and encourage them as we celebrate their

graduation from the David Shibley Institute.



PLANO, TX 75075

Attendance is free, RSVP required to attend.

Through our NextGen Initiative, Global Advance is strongly committed to raising up a new generation of Christian leaders here and worldwide. Our founder, David Shibley, is strategically involved in training young champions for Christ through Days with David and the David Shibley Institute. This year, David is sharing with youth groups the story of God’s gracious intervention in rescuing his generation, and how He can do it again. Here is his account of that gentle, powerful sweep of God’s Spirit that brought new life in Christ to millions of young people called the Jesus Movement.

Global Advance is dedicated to reaching South Asia with the gospel. Recently, Pastor Ken Janke visited rural villages where we have trained pastors, drilled water wells, and planted churches.

Around the world, spiritual streams are converging, and old wineskins are eroding. Missional questions are forming. Can my city be transformed? Is it possible to see the lordship of Jesus announced in both the streets and on the factory floors? Can the glory of God fill the boardrooms of corporations and invite His salvation to visit the marketplace? In our time we are witnessing a powerful move of God to awaken our cities, stir up our churches, and call out leaders from every domain of society to work together to see the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Recently Global Advance partnered with City Vision, a ministry in the United Kingdom, to deliver training to marketplace pioneers, business owners, and church leaders. These innovators want to have an impact on their cities and see the works of God go beyond the walls of the church. At Global Advance, we are helping entrepreneurs to see their work as both ministry and worship before God. We are seeing leaders prioritize God’s Kingdom and look for ways to be a blessing in their city.

In each city around the world, the marketplace is a giant mission field. When Jesus began His public ministry, He did not just call priests, but also people from the marketplace. The work to disciple the nations requires the partnership of God’s people working together to grow the church and empower marketplace leaders. When this happens, the full reign of God is made known, starting with our cities, and then flowing out to the nations. Your faithful commitment to the Great Commission and your partnership with Global Advance enables us to ignite a movement that is growing from city to city and from nation to nation.

From the dusty villages in the rural Sindh province to the urban push on the streets of Karachi Pakistan, Global Advance gathered Frontline Leaders to be trained to plant the church as a visible representation of the rulership, authority and kingdom of Christ in present day Pakistan. Read full blog here.

Emily Santillan - 1803 Praying over Damascus MM 6-6.jpg

Did you know that since the start of the conflict in Syria, the Christian population has diminished by half? But there is also good news rising from the ashes: those believers who have stayed are finding a richer, deeper faith, and a new passion for reaching their neighbors with the Gospel.

Alpha Relief Initiative Director Ben Gabriel sat down with Pastor George, a long-time frontline partner working to aid the Church in Syria, to help connect you with the reality on the ground. Listen in and gain an understanding of how you can pray and further support our brothers and sistersgoing forward so they can thrive. 


God is raising up a multitude of Kingdom-minded business leaders and companies that have a Great Commission focus for their communities. Through your support, Global Advance empowered key entrepreneurs and professionals with Kingdom vision and principles in London, Germany, and Croatia in April alone! We are grateful for your partnership that fuels our Marketplace Missions training conferences and creates a launchpad for community transformation in key nations around the world. Check out this video from the Global Advance Marketplace Missions Conference in Zagreb, Croatia!

David Shibley, Founder & World Representative of Global Advance, shares a message at Lakeshore Church In Rockwall TX. 

Scripture reminds us that we are more than conquerors through Christ. But it's difficult to live an overcoming life when we're constantly overwhelmed with attacks and setbacks. Find out in this series how to tap into Christ's resurrection power and rise above the stuff that's keeping you down.

Recently, Global Advance spent a week in the Siberian region of Russia. Despite dangerous sub-zero temperatures, 450 passionate young leaders traveled to our NexGen Conference. God is raising up a new generation of young people who are on fire to fulfill the Great Commission! All this is happening with the backdrop of new anti-evangelism laws and increased regulations meant to hinder the spread of the Gospel. Pray for the next generation of Russian believers as they shape the future Church and take Christ to the marketplace, schools, and their families. Evangelical Christians remain a small percentage of the population, and many regions still have not received any witness of the Gospel. That is why for more than 20 years, Global Advance has worked with indigenous frontline leaders to bring the light of the Gospel to Russia and the former Soviet States.

“Wishing that this season of Advent fills your heart and home with peace and happiness.” Together, with your support, and the guidance of our Lord, we were able to share the light of the gospel and the hope of the world in 40 nations this year. Your prayers, personal time and financial support have lifted up the hands of those on the frontlines that are shining His light into the darkness. We look forward to a blessed 2018 as we continue to stand in the gap for those who have yet to hear of His life-saving gift. Merry Christmas to you and your family from all of us at Global Advance!

We are so thankful for our Ambassadors and International Coordinators that help to plan and lead our missions trips, our pastors and churches, and our financial partners that lift us up with monthly and major gifts, without you none of this would be possible. We also truly appreciate our prayer partners, we feel your love and support every day. Thank you for believing in us and what we are doing across the globe. Thank you for listening to the Holy Spirit when he speaks to your heart. We hope you have a blessed time as you gather in giving thanks. We are so thankful for your partnership and hope you have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

In a dusty village in the rural backwater of a Central-Asian nation, a rooster crows. Five-year-old Amit stirs on his mat. Soon, he sits up and rubs the sleep from his eyes. The horizon is just beginning to glow a deep red. Thirsty, Amit stumbles over to a repurposed yellow, plastic gasoline canister and lifts the spout to his lips, drinking deeply. You might balk at the taste of earth and grass. It's still dark enough that you wouldn't cringe at the brown hue. But, Amit has never known anything different. He doesn't know that this water which quenches the night's thirst is what is making him sick. Later, his sister Neeti, who is twelve, will carry the plastic jug down to the canal. She will push aside the livestock and refill the container with the same mud-mixed dregs the goats are drinking. Neeti knows. A few more years of wisdom have taught her that it's not supposed to be this way. Thanks to Alpha Relief supporters, it won't be this way much longer.   “It has been really painful to see what kind of water they are drinking.” — Pastor W.   It's not hard to imagine kids like "Amit" and "Neeti", and see through the mind's eye how much a clean water source would improve their lives. Pastor W. has had a dream to do something about it for quite some time. He cares about the poor in his nation and cares that they have clean water to drink. But, even more so, he cares for their souls and wants to offer them the living water of the gospel. But some in the villages he's trying to reach see this as a threat, and they have set themselves against Pastor W. and his team. Enter, Global Advance’s Alpha Relief initiative.   Through Alpha Relief, Global Advance empowers frontline leaders to advance the gospel in their communities, even amidst persecution. So quenching the physical thirst of rural villages is no less than the open door Pastor W. has been praying for. Through well-drilling, and the installation of pumps and filters, the hands-on love of Christ is shown. The opposition melts away.   Thank you for your support which will supply clean water to rural villages as we watch Isaiah's prophecy come to life:  "With joy, you will draw water from the wells of salvation." Isaiah 12:3.